Saturday, 30 April 2011

Good Website Photography is Essential to Good Website Design

With the increasing reach of the internet, you are never more than a few clicks away from your desired information.

However there seems to be a split when it comes to form and functionality. You will notice many top information websites have invested lots of time in the website design, layout and imagery, which increasing your chances of returning.

This technique of website design and aesthetics has become a very important factor for online retailers, and many are investing lots of time and money in the look of their site. As you can see in the newly launched Triumph Lingerie website, there has been no cutting corners on the look and presentation of the website.

This all stems from good quality product and website photography, without the best photos of your products you will have a hard time selling them to potential customers.
With this in mind some of the top website and product photographers have started charging lots for photo shoots, whether its products, models or the establishment.

Recently we had been tasked with sourcing website imagery for a client, and rather than resorting to generic stock photos they were willing to spend a little extra to get it done right.
In the end we found a wonderful little agency in Bristol who specialised in product and website content photography for small businesses. We actually arranged the guys to come up to meet us where they carried out the shoot (they bought all the equipment necessary) of the products and a few of the store.

Shortly after the pictures were shot, the editing was completed by them too. And upon approval we were given a set of RAW images we could use in future campaigns, but also beautifully edited product pictures which were ideal for the website.

All this for a fraction of the price others seem to charge. So if you are looking for some quality website photography then check out Atomic Smash in Bristol.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Online Shopping, is it a generational thing?

Many have said that online shopping is reserved for those aged under 40, however with recent online trends we have seen a notable increase in the older generation of online shoppers.

Now we are not saying that anyone over 40 never bought anything online, its just the numbers dropped significantly when polling the 40+ generations. We found this was due in part to technophobes but also due to a lack of confidence in their online security. This can be seen through many scenarios where an elderly user has been mislead into a fraudulent purchase or even an online scam.

Many people will encounter similar attempts on a daily basis, however younger generations were able to identify a scam much more easily in comparison. However trends have shown that online retail has risen across the board, with notable growth in the older generations.

This has so far been put down to a a few contributing factors, however the main one being the increase in online security. As this has had a positive effect in increasing trust, it has also had a knock-on effect of increasing online retail.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Shopping For Retro Furniture

Retro chairs are restoring their image as a contemporary style icon. Built for both style and functionality, these chairs provide comfort, design and looks all at the same time. With the 60s and 70s furniture being idealised, many are wanting to own some of this retro furniture for their own home. Particularly popular among younger adults, these style icons are becoming harder to find, and increasingly more expensive. These pieces are often in high demand all over the world, particularly places in London. If you do not have an expendable budget north of £500, you are going to have do a little looking to find your desired style icon.
This article explains some of the tips and advice we have collected on our search for Retro Furniture >>