Sunday, 10 June 2012

Website Spotlight: Themes For Automotive & Vehicle Companies

 I came across this yesterday when I was browsing some websites which belong to my local networking group. I haven't actually attended a networking group in a little over 6 months but its interesting to see what they are all doing and what the latest developments are.

In doing so, I found out one of the local vehicle workshops had changed their website, and had opted for a Wordpress template. Now being from a web-based background I am fairly familiar with what templates are available, and their typical application. This one was a little abnormal for me, but I thought it worked quite well - Autohaus VW Camper Conversions

Autohaus VW are a leading team of campervan converters who specialise in VW and luxury vehicles. Their range of VW T5 converted camper vans are considered some of the best in the UK, with many award and show winners being produced in Somerset by the Autohaus VW team!

If you are looking to get your campervan converted, or are looking for your own custom conversion for a camper then get in contact today or you could get in touch with My Transporter Van - A website dedicated to giving great advice about Vw Campers.. The range of conversion possibilities are endless, they can even supply the VW vehicle!
Autohaus VW also have a range of campervan accessories, equipment, electricals and other items for sale via their website. Along with this they have also developed their own pop-top roof system which is lightweight and strong. If you are looking for a quality campervan converters workshop then look no further than Autohaus VW.

Their workshop is located in Minehead, so just off the A39 coming through Somerset. They are a great business to work with, and are always up for a good laugh. The team are always interested in helping out too!

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