Monday, 5 November 2012

Internet blogging/website solutions

After my last article I've noticed that Wordpress is becoming an amazingly easy tool for new website owners to create the content that they want. Started in 2003, Wordpress quickly grew to become one of the biggest blog/website tools on the internet. With all that success I thought I'd take a look at the alternatives available and see how popular they are.

A safe and secure blogging platform, HABARI is designed with the needs of the internet community in mind. It is designed to be an open platform that is constantly being worked on. It has a sleek interface and it uses modern software development techniques in its fantastic design.

Concrete 5
Concrete 5 is a free content management system that is a great alternative to wordpress. It's open source so people can contribute and make the software better for everyone.
Similar to WordPress and Habari, concrete5 is able to be downloaded, and installed on your web host and is a great platform built from scratch. It's main clients are website editors, designers, and developers.
Concrete5 is designed to make owning a website easy. You can simply edit away till the end of the day!

Cushy CMS
CushyCMS is a very simplistic way to run a blog/website. It has been designed to be implemented with little trouble, and boasts about it's ease of use. CushyCMS is a fully hosted solution, so no option to host your website/blog on another domain. That's not a problem here though, its a fantastic piece of kit!

Tomato CMS
Just like the others, Tomato CMS is an open source, blogging and CMS solution designed to meet the requirements of the modern blogger. I think this is a great tool and if you have used the others, why not check this out?

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