Thursday, 17 March 2011

Gift Hampers - the perfect present?

With Birthdays and holidays being in such regularity there is always a need for good gifts. Every time it comes round you need to give some thought to the gift to ensure they will appreciate the effort, this can take a long time if you tend to be as specific as me.
Sometimes its easier to get a fairly broad gift, and tailor it to the recipient. This has worked wonders for card companies such as MoonPig. Now we are seeing this being taken across other areas of the market, for example you can now design and print your own tshirts on CafePress, customize your trainers with Adidas and many more.

We figured this revolution could be bought to the art of gift buying, which is why it was no surprise when we came across this range of gift hampers from a deli in somerset. Being a deli obviously allowed them to keep the freshest of products, and with such an extensive knowledge of the local area they also sourced some rare and unique items.
Next time you are having the dilemma of buying presents, consider buying a gift hamper for that special someone.

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