Monday, 18 July 2011

iPhone Apps To Help With Shopping

Like you need help with shopping?

Shopping, an occasional or a weekly ritual, can be the activity your family spends a lot of time and money on. Most people make the biggest mistake of rushing to supermarkets or shops without any idea of what to buy. As a result, they end up spending lots of money. Having an effective shopping list is a must to avoid financial and time-related problems.
iPhones are great to be with while shopping on a busy day. Here are two great FREE iPhone applications that’ll definitely make your trip to the local businesses and retailers a lot easier.


You can take a photo of a product’s barcode and this application will provide price comparisons and product reviews. It’s great to have in your iPhone for a more convenient way of shopping things with a tight budget.


Shopping malls are really big to contain all the necessary things that people might buy. It allows yourself do navigate the crowded place effectively as it downloads the shopping mall’s map. Locate the nearest shop for the things you want to buy with just a single shake or push of a button.

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